God – Morality, final answer

Intention is King
Peace is Queen
Wisdom is Infant-Infinite

God Exists?

Here at Destiny Twist, beliefs are taken very seriously. We guide you to the spots, locations, targets, destinations, exits where beliefs come and go in your mind and ‘Heart storage bin’. We teach how to identify and adjust your beliefs to your measurement standards and not the media, corporations, institutions, others or ink on a page.

The tools you will come to find in yourself allow perspectives, personal power and learning techniques to build your life according to your design. Once you declare ownership of these tools, you can use them to alter any pre-programmed emotional response. You responses and feelings will now lean according to your gratitude for all of your body, brain, mind, life and the Creation around you is offering.

Is it true there is a separate creator and we are his subjected creations? Does a Creator God exist?

Answer from Destiny Twist: “as a Hamm & Egeregore Sand-Witch”, that we ate for lunch 2 months ago, say/ten was in the condemunts. Your dog/god of the buy ba’al and sayten are dead – you are left to your own devices now….

RepeatLIG2Ions is a tool made by men to aid them in their exploration of simple-mindedness, everyone knows…

I/O Journey of the One & Many

Self mastery is not getting there. It is being there. Self mastery is a perspective on your life that matches Life’s continuous nature. Self mastery is mastering the One and the Many, the I/O journey. The ultimate duality we face or contend with.

I/O inward outward
inward: views of the many
outward: views of the one

When a Man simplifies his motives and desires to thinking, sensual pleasures and emotional satisfactions he needs religion to regulate his behavior. Without religion, this behavior would bring a much earlier demise to the man exploring simple-mindedness.

Simple-mindedness also facilitates a man to overlook his actual amazement and potentials, leaving it into the hands of his chosen regulators.

Morality Convo between Dual Citizens

PP: Morality is a set of guidelines to help us figure out the good or bad ness of our actions.
Morality must be external to be effective. Morality must also be something so compelling we feel good or bad intrinsically because of act
Why must it be external you ask ?
…ok. everyone gone?

The “X” Cues of NOT doing something righteous must be approved by you and you alone – there are no excuses. Sequences of natural order are subtle but blatantly in effect. Sequences of the loud nature have subtle but effectual over time effects.

Although it is confusing at times, we all have the ability to ‘face the music’, so to speak and rise from our chair to get things done in a righteous manner. We need our internal source to be focused on. We do not need external ‘sources’ of morality outside each other’s content expressions on our faces.

(morality) More/AL/ity (AL is ‘111’) is born at 100% Perfection into every beating Heart and Mind at first breath when you are born. We unlearn it as we develop.

We are born Perfect as Dual Citizens in a Trialitized formatted natural world of untold wonders of Creation and the Mind.

Righteousness is a natural tendency anyone can ‘lean’ on if they choose. Most choose “I need to be needed’ and succumb to our modern but expensive ‘social structures’, aka societal peer reviewed ‘peer pressure’ IE, yielding to other’s proposals instead of one’s own righteous Heart.

Rules of good behavior and righteousness are not beliefs. They are rules we adhere to for the sake of righteousness.

Beliefs are instilled from birth on in the medium of ‘proposals’. One proposal after another with peer pressure added for flavor. Beliefs are formed and acted on by the ‘mark’, the one hearing the proposal and reviewing it. You are the ultimate decider of what proposals to allow and which to deny. You are the director, none othe, no outside source needed to rectify you. You are born Perfect and you still are.

Beliefs and goals are planning – KNOT action.


WK: Ok according to my bible the morality doesn’t always make us feel good. Cause there are sacrifices that you’ll have to make that takes alot of your ,time,life. And those act can really influence a person

Getting out of your chair is not a feel good event. It is a required and neccessitated event. Better to embrace it then explain it. Morality does not need to be standardized unless you have a large group of undisciplined and unguided men/women.

The bible is written by Men not some dude named god. History is written by the men hired to write the history. We live in a paycheck world. Money rules. Thieves manage it.

Beliefs are easily shaken, destroyed and recreated. Blatantly decomposable. Your statement is ignorance in action. Realities are ‘made’ from allowed and accepted proposals

Depravity x church dic-t-ate

What is depravity according to Church/State: A vitiated or corrupt state of moral character: extreme wickedness: corruption.

  • The inherent depravity of man; his essential corruption; his absolute inability to receive any portion of the divine life, is naturally repudiated. “Recollections and Impressions 1822-1890” – Octavius Brooks Frothingham
  • This is the result of the doctrine of total depravity so long taught in the Church as Orthodoxy. “Orthodoxy: Its Truths And Errors” – James Freeman Clarke
  • As the serpent uncoils its glittering folds, so did Bothwell lay bare the depravity and ambition of his heart. “The Portland Sketch Book” – Various
  • When I see those who are full of worry because yielding to this demon of jealousy I am almost inclined to believe in the old- time Presbyterian doctrine of “total depravity”.
  • “Quit Your Worrying!” – George Wharton James

Cognitive Dissonance a gift of Theocrats

A spirit hostile to Theocracy managed to dictate the story to one of the Hebrew prophets, and somehow it survived long enough in folk tradition to be written into the Old Testament.

And we’re glad it did, because it reveals some important spiritual truths to anyone capable of understanding them.

  • One is that Jehovah has an enemy who communicates with people and urges them to rebel
  • Another is that these messages of rebellion are involved with ethics and morality

Jehovah says,

“Right and wrong are only what I tell you they are, and they are absolute values that never vary.”

Satan, on the other hand, says,

“Use your intellect to determine what is right and wrong in a given situation, because such value judgments are highly dependent on the environment you’re in at a given time.”

Since the latter statement is rational and the former irrational, people are put into conflict with Theocratic religious doctrine every time they use their intellect to make rational value judgments. Boom, cognitive dissonance. The Theocrats tried to obscure the information about using the intellect to make ethical decisions on a rational basis. They added many extraneous details to the mythology about Satan.

For example, they included the idea that telepathy, mediumship, and other human psychic powers are either “works of God” or “works of the Devil.” This allows them to forbid religious believers to communicate with spirits hostile to Theocracy without revealing various facts about spiritual reality that the Theocrats wish to conceal.

The Buddha

Buddhism was originally founded to fight Theocracy, as were Gnosticism and some forms of early Christianity. The Buddha implied by his own example that the enlightened were capable of transcending reincarnation but deliberately chose not to do so in order to be of service to the human race.

The Buddha realized he could become a Theocrat and remain on the astral plane indefinitely, but he refused to do so for ethical reasons.

Plan A Plan B

“Think for yourself. Don’t accept anything without evidence. Do what you feel is best under the circumstances rather then just accepting what someone tells you. You can become a better person if you only learn how to do so.

Judge yourself realistically: you are neither a self-righteous saint nor a miserable sinner, but simply an ordinary human being with free will and control over your own destiny.”

OTHER PLAN your Policy Makers Teach
Theocrats (western XYZtian doctrine) program in during Fundamentalist services. They want worshippers to say “Thy will be done,” and submit completely to the telepathic influences they receive, as well as to obey religious doctrine to the letter. All rebels are cursed to burn in fire. Do not question!

Three Worlds

  • We live in three worlds. Mortal, Cosmic, Infinite
  • This one is loud and endlessly complex.
  • That one is silent, non moving and not defined
  • The other is the counter and is of infinite depth and mysteries.

Church/State — “ch” U/R “ch” – you are in the middle
‘ch’ = CHOP — stop

Long before the 1345AD world finance crash, black plague and governmental takeover by the Venetians and their cabal, Christ, the idea was shared by the European Renaissance, Sophocles, Themistocles, Socrates, Mozart, and Goethe, the quest for a refinement of emotion and libertinism. IE, depravity is King around here if it was unnoticed. We have anthropomorphic personified deities evidence from 40,000 years ago and human evidence for much much longer.

Church MASS – (Mysticism Alchemy Stolen SUCKER!)

There is only one battle and it is the battle of Earth. Each of us contains the entire ‘battle’ within our memory, emotion and history. Each of us is literally “the Earth”. This is why “EVERYTHING IS ABOUT US”.


Demon means “of Mind/Mine” – everything, as in everything is demon or “of mind/mine”. We have zero outside conflict as we become aware of it. Each Who Man Being is 100% self determined, as they realize it. Tricksters are a development and progression of demon or “of mind/mine”. Everything is demon, “of mine/mind”.

Alchemy/Mysticism — STOLEN

(Stolen from people by church in 1630 to 1700) All alchemy and mysticism and ‘inner work’ is reserved to (the unnamed bosses) and the Priests and churches. They decide what is right and wrong with there maniacal partners in edu, science and gov/media.

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