Chapter 8 Chiron the Planet Rules the God of Medicine

Chiron the Planet Rules the God of Medicine

Ophiuchus aka Asclepius – God of Medicine

In Russian, our oldest lands, Ya Uchus means, “I am learning”. In Africa/Egypt Yah means God / Most High.

Xmas Cannibals – Cain to Abel, murder she wrote

Clockwork Murder 4Jesus – Sacrifices Candy Cain to Abel Bodied, the story of Christmas Caniballism. The Meat makes the Team harder. On the day of the Saturnalia feast, slaves were temporarily freed like Sun/Saturn, and …

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Y/N? Original Intent or SIN


DOEDuality of EquilibriumEquilibrium of Duality While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about. “A baby boy has a special way of bringing out the …

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Order, where is it?

Order, where is it?
Man’s Order can be Perfect. God’s Order is Perfect.
Order is a cosmic association to the place of Life.

Chapter 6 totalitarianism ~Man’s Orbit around the Cyborg “8”

8 man

Man’s Orbit around the Cyborg “8”
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To shield our shame of doing this endlessly, we invent myriads of explanations, words and perspectives for every topic. Then we separate ourselves into groups or camps. This facilitates the everlasting explorations of separations and murder/death.

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