144 Sir-Face vs The Nine Teens, ennead

144 Sir-Face vs The Nine Teens, ennead

What is nine and why do we kill?

Nine is the last number if we count to the right. When reverse order is applied, the nine is first and the origin. 99 is the last number before (advance of) a denomination is required. Nine drawn on a page is a perfect Fibonacci spiral from a point of no place and nothing. Starting at a monadic point, the ‘spiral is drawn or put forth. The nine would naturally come in advance of the six.

Interesting nine formulas:
9+9=18=9 — 9×9=81=7 — 9-7=2 or
9×9=81=7 — 9+9=18=9 — 97+9=16 or at the prime-est, furthest count it is 1×6=6
the same form as nine, a mirror, a reflection, an alteration, a creation.
.. when six meets nine -“in re-verse”, the man in the mirror.

Sir-Face/place vs The Nine Teens, ennead

The Abel/Caine story (separation, brother vs brother and cannibalisms) of ‘this place’ remains a mainstay of daily life today but more and more evolved. The male aspect has dominated since the very quietly hidden and ‘unrevealed’ period of the male emergence of dominance, hidden and ‘unrevealed’ by Men. Explained below.

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