Fentanyl now kills more Americans per day than any drug or pandemic in history

Within the Hermetic Sciences, the foundation of the Western Mystery Tradition, the two main branches are magic and alchemy.

Magic as a broad subject is far more widely studied, since reliable alchemical training is hard to find. The same is unfortunately true of magic, but there is so much more of it available in general, that Seekers are forced to slog through more trite than solid, useful information.

While true adepts that teach will usually have strong leanings more towards one than the other, both magic and alchemy are really composites of the same Hermetic ArtIt cannot be said that one is internal and the other external, because in practice both have their subjective and objective processes. They do however form a sort of check and balance system when seeking to separate the true from the false, because it is in the overlap of these two branches…

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