Does Everything Matter? or Knot

Does Everything Matter?

The global PTB/elite utilize religion as a tool to manipulate people into obeying them. They have no ‘Faith’ as they profess. Pure conmen. Whether the words or expressions refer to Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Atheism, etc., the intricacies of religions and their texts are used intricately/In Trickery as all of their tactics and tricks serve them well to manipulate ‘our beliefs’ without fear of exposure/retribution.

It doesn’t matter which religion the conmen of the global elite publicly promote or pretend to adhere to. Since all religion is a worship of a sun god, it is the basic element for instilling fear and creating a hypnotic up/down/sideways ‘trance state’, which subsequently becomes the 3D illusory experience. Or aka ‘our Reality’.

A long time ago a nagging question appeared in my Mind that I felt needed to be answered to go on with my study of self and purpose. The question: Does everything Matter or do some things matter and others not? My response is as follows: Firstly though, I determined the “All Consciousness” suspected to be everywhere, is in fact provably within all matter, thereby – yes, everything matters. To allow this truth to enter, I accepted that whatever the truth was, I would allow it.

Everything is found within the atom symbol. …

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