God is Dead – All is Well – Truth Told

God is Dead – All is Well – Truth Told
Will the real God please stand up?

Did you know a human can be proposed a lie and convinced it is true?
We will prove this and the criss/croos god lie.

Book 8 Reveals all, we killed God – all is well

GOD IS NOW DEAD, Hooray!! @everyone
– No worries.

Book 8 is finishing today. It is about how Christianity the religion has caused a world wide and harmful deception. It has provided a chimeric false god to people. This Ieosus story installed will never speak to them as it is created by our very thoughts.

We Killed God, yay

The christian god of bible/buy ba’al – is a chimeric god thought creation. It does not actually exist. The reason god never talks to you is “god” is non-existent. You are waiting for a non-existent to speak to you. The reason god is dog in the mirror is our truth behind the deception. All deceptions have the truth emboldened on their front covers.

  • God/Old testament/Primates/You-Rope (europe)
  • God/New Testament Aryans/Symmetry/MED-USA-IANS (usa)
  • Ieosus story installed for convenience and the “J”
  • Both are now DEAD! YAY!

People cannot lie. Their face muscles always tell all….

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