“U” have been ‘Morphed’ to be less ON

“U” have been ‘Morphed’ to be less ON

Phonetics and language have morphed over time,
not organically! Unless you meant Organic Cull-y!
-‘cally’ spells — “C” All “Y”

Phoneticize – Phoneticisim

Equal Measures – ALL Ways

All of us are participating in the land of ‘OS’ – It means One Source – for All things.
Each of us is, within our persona, an IOS or Individuated One Source.
Equally 50/50 – half uniquely personified, half of One Source.
Equal Measure for All Beings.

Meme Roadblocks

“The Police” made a song about breath and sounds we make as did “Andy Warhall” – one is positive and about love, the other is the counter. Equal Measure is always there, noticed or not ice. See the contrast below, bad first:

“I will be watching you”

Perceive – Perception – Articulated

PERCEPTION – No Exceptions! PER-CEPT-TION, ‘ART I CULL’, article

ART is Latin derived from Artem and was then shortened to art for the first time in Old French which means roughly the same as the Latin—”skills gotten through learning or practice”.

article – Particular sections or items of a series in a written document: Contracts, constitutions, or treaties are examples of articles.

articulate –

  1. To express thoughts, ideas, or feelings coherently: “He was unable to articulate his grief regarding his wife’s death.”
  2. To pronounce something or to speak, or to utter, intelligible speech clearly.
  3. Able to express thoughts, ideas, or feelings coherently.
  4. To form the kind of joint or connection that allows movement.
  5. With joints or jointed segments that allow for motion, as in the bodies of higher vertebrates and arthropods: “The joints articulate, by uniting or connecting in order to allow movements of the hands, fingers, arms, toes, legs, etc.”

ART is part of, phonetically, the word Heart and all the words with the sound of “ART” in them. It also sounds out to “R and “T” or pronouncing R T together. The next ‘part’ of article is “I” or the self. The next part of article sounds out to “CULL” or to manage the ‘herd’ or reduce the ‘numbers’ of something.

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