TIPS  Truth In Plain Sight vs R-CONS Repeating Con Jobs

TIPS vs R-CONS What are They & Why

Our blogs are blocked by the Google Cloud Cover and regulated by mysterious forces. The probability you will read this is statistically Zero. We are breaking down these two points to gain Clarity and Courage. Tips from the R-Con Loop do have TIPS within but also, of course it will have Cons (CONniving-lying acts)

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TIPS or Truth In Plain Sight is what it says it is but, it has been agreed, we look sometimes directly at Truth In Plain Sight and not recognize it as such. We have all been on both sides of this from our personal perspectives. In our tricky world we have built, we observe a TIPS can be seen as an R-CON and vice versa. How does one decide? What methods of clarification and resolution do we employ to shed CONS for TIPS.

Is not the world a continuous series of events? Are we witnessing around us and within – a continuous set of events to judge or choose from? Does this observation cause clarity toward the question: Why Are We Here?

NEXT Paragraphs List the Quests

  • Choosing a TIPS or R-CON
  • Why Earth Provides this
  • Methods to Discern Them
  • Are People Good and Bad
  • A Human’s Purpose

TIPS Truth in Plain Sight (Commonality)

  • Everything as Starts at Home
  • We all Want the Best Life Possible in Peace and Harmony
  • Recognize and Expand Each Other’s Full Potential
  • Share Other’s Struggles
  • Build your Community, your block, your building, your workgroup
  • How to build a community garden
  • How to develop listening skills
  • List of altruistic activities
  • List of ways to quiet body and mind
  • Diet Advice new body science

Our World, the Enemy

Aw, us poor babies, born into the (anode/cathode, acid/alkaline, on/off, true/false) AW or the Antagonism World and forever misunderstood. Our activities leads to CD Cognitive Dissonance which leads to BLD Born, Live, Die, repeat.

What else is there suppose to be?

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TIPS Truth in Plain Sight (Commonality)

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