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Cognitive Dissonance a gift of Theocrats

A spirit hostile to Theocracy managed to dictate the story to one of the Hebrew prophets, and somehow it survived long enough in folk tradition to be written into the Old Testament.

And we’re glad it did, because it reveals some important spiritual truths to anyone capable of understanding them.

  • One is that Jehovah has an enemy who communicates with people and urges them to rebel
  • Another is that these messages of rebellion are involved with ethics and morality

Jehovah says,

“Right and wrong are only what I tell you they are, and they are absolute values that never vary.”

Satan, on the other hand, says,

“Use your intellect to determine what is right and wrong in a given situation, because such value judgments are highly dependent on the environment you’re in at a given time.”

Since the latter statement is rational and the former irrational, people are put into conflict with Theocratic religious doctrine every time they use their intellect to make rational value judgments. Boom, cognitive dissonance. The Theocrats tried to obscure the information about using the intellect to make ethical decisions on a rational basis. They added many extraneous details to the mythology about Satan.

For example, they included the idea that telepathy, mediumship, and other human psychic powers are either “works of God” or “works of the Devil.” This allows them to forbid religious believers to communicate with spirits hostile to Theocracy without revealing various facts about spiritual reality that the Theocrats wish to conceal.

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