Xmas Book: 9 Chapters Mental Constructions

Xmas Book: Mental Constructions

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Listen in on a convo

STUDENT: Also, I didn’t understand what it means they prefer to use their ‘mental construction tools’? – explain to me please.

teacher: We are simply each one unit or one person. A simple notion, mentally arranged. We also demonstrate to each other how many different persons we can be and create. How?

XO Convo Student/Student

Is God seeking me out, Am I hearing a call. Is there a direct message I can learn to hear and understand? Is there proof I am a CO-Creator? (CO)

Why does my presumed (presumed) partner NOT speak directly into my brain with words? (sword)

XO: “until god comes seek me out to demonstrate themselves, I don’t think god can be demonstrated through human hearsay”

not hearsay, demonstrated in a precise repeating christ/crystal pattern(s) in all living things, Earth and most highly in the most exalted beings, Human Beings.

our magnificence is beyond compare, identification or explanation. Each of us are emanating and exampling the magnificence of ‘god’

“N”-Theo-Gen – pretty obvious is it not?

back to I-SAN convo

teacher: Your love of K’OS and wonderment of Peace are your greatest asset and challenge, you are sharing the same story with many others.

A failure to “Know Thyself”, is the shared ‘dis-ease’ the world population of logic bent citizens are experiencing. A failure to maintain a 5,000 year old truth. As the Greeks and Romans knew and promoted, Life is an Inward and Outward journey, a failure to recognize where there motive went, it went outside.

STUDENT REPLIES: I think it’s wrong to call a person incapable

teacher: You are the only person to use that word and it is the only time in this thread it was ever uttered, the word ‘incapable’.

incapable: lacking capacity, ability, or qualification for the purpose or end in view: such as “not able or fit for the doing or performance” : INCOMPETENT and “not being in a state or of a kind to admit”.

First, you make up an accusation, then hold yourself up as judge, jury and sentencer. I see where losing and trashing your morals has gotten you:

incapacitated from a mental construct of trashed morality, good job, you SUC-CEDED

STUDENT REPLIES: I didn’t blame anyone
Just a word incapable, difficult, unattainable, impossible – these are words with a weak psyche. But why are you so strict? I want to learn from you. I want to get from you what no one else could give me. I see that you are special.

But I don’t hold a grudge against you. I do not think badly of a person, even if he hurt me. I am sure that deep down inside, he is completely different from himself outwardly. I want to say thank you very much for not answering my questions, even if they are stupid. Thank you for being!

teacher: Everyone is forgiven and 100% perfect and 100% self directed with ZERO outside forces to hurt them outside of created mental constructs. Fact means Man-ACT or F Act/fact. “F” is the 6th letter, 6 is Man’s #.

STUDENT REPLIES: I want to ask you. Does conscience determine the attitude to actions, words of a person?

teacher: Conscience is your remembered natural morality you were born with. The more you lean toward your beginning here, your origin, your birth, your childhood – for answers and solutions, the better Life will be.

STUDENT REPLIES: To inflict pain created outside of mental constructs, that is, something that cannot be achieved?

teacher: Whatever you ‘give’ others or ‘think’ and feel about others – BECOMES YOURS INSTANTLY! — Human Secret, tell no one, not even Self.

STUDENT REPLIES: Another question: How can the search for childhood desires, which is long behind, be able to help me?

teacher: Remember what a child needs and wants. Watch children if you think you have forgotten. A child has very few ‘desires’.

STUDENT REPLIES: Well a man changes every year. Completely new knowledge, his worldview is changing.

teacher: People like to convince themselves that change does not have it’s Twin of aggregation/progression/growth

They prefer to use their ‘mental construction’ tools, to ‘create’ their own creations.

STUDENT REPLIES: The best version of the first?

teacher: Everything is obvious when a step back and a deep breath is taken. PANTING with a face zoomed in approach, a narrow view. ALWAYS FAILS at seeing the larger picture.

This means: Evaluate self. Is what the world is telling you correct or are their ‘built-in’ answers inside you based on your magnificence, birth, origin and overall extensive and unknown history going back into the history of All Creation. WHY NO ONE CARES TO NOTICE?

STUDENT REPLIES: And the last question, how to determine the credo of a person? And what do you call credo?

teacher: Because we have ‘learned’ to prefer to be ‘Gods unto ourselves’ without need of a BIG CREATOR. It is a game of Mentally Constructing using our GOD GIVEN abilities. All people are equal and at a different stage in their personal development.

One credo works, all are equal.

STUDENT REPLIES: OK. What is credo for you? what is a credo?

teacher: What you live by, your morality, your ‘boss’, your daily(s), your ‘go-to’s’ and so on.

The more you lean toward your beginning here, your origin, your birth, your childhood – for answers and solutions, the better Life will be

STUDENT REPLIES: How can we get better? What keeps me digging into the depths?.

Also, I didn’t understand what it means they prefer to use their ‘mental construction tools’? – explain to me please.

We Are Built 4This

There are many perspectives available. We are BUILT for that. We are BUILT to independently absorb or not many or only a few, views/perspectives and experiences so that each of us is uniquely seasoned in our independent efforts to explore All from many unique perspectives. A mission from God. A collaboration with the One. One collaborating with Many Uniques – Us.

If you pick and choose perspectives – you will have an aggregate of those SETS. You are built to be uniquely and independently SET according to your God Creation abilities, circumstance and location. You can ‘take’ anything you want from Creation in your independent effort to explore Creation as an Independent God.

Although we all carry this perspective of Independence – we are constantly reminded of Order and how collaboration works. This is to ensure we are always shown the ‘combining, building and progression’ that is always underway, observable and self-evident.

This provides another level of proof that each of us Independents are collaborating with One who is beyond our personal magnificence countless times in proportion and scope. That the One is manifesting All and Awe and Us, each.

All Equally Measured

All Equally Measured and Ordered creations of the One, made uniquely to support a full exploration of separation.

This complete exam will Crown Us with All the Glory we never imagined as the Peak of all Creations, when our testing grounds have been fully explored and calculated. We are all on a Mission from God.

SAYER: Hey can I ask a question I need some help

teacher: Yesterday at 5:38 AM

SAYER: Yesterday at 5:39 AM
What should I do if I’m super insecure about my gf and about having any gf really

teacher: Yesterday at 5:39 AM
you need a gf to support your confidence

no confi-dance, no gf needed

SAYER: Yesterday at 5:40 AM
So what should I do to gain confidence
I have had my gf for almost 4 months now and I feel like all girls will inevitably cheat

antciety — Yesterday at 5:41 AM
Not if you are their hero

SAYER: Yesterday at 5:41 AM
How can I do that

antciety — Yesterday at 5:41 AM
you have come to the right place congratulations! We are aiming to make all men heroes to their mates. Would you like to join the effort. Only fighters wanted. All lackadaisical types can eat shit and die as they will w/o my help.

SAYER: Yesterday at 5:43 AM
Yeah I wanna learn

Thanks if you are taking the time to help
antciety — Yesterday at 5:44 AM
You are the jewel of my eye. I want this for you and me

SAYER: Yesterday at 5:44 AM
Thank you 😊

antciety — Yesterday at 5:44 AM
the words we use tell all the lies and all the truths too – learn also means earn and burn.

SAYER: Yesterday at 5:45 AM

antciety — Yesterday at 5:45 AM
we are all 1/2 right and 1/2 left


SAYER: Yesterday at 5:46 AM
What’s that mean

antciety — Yesterday at 5:46 AM
Twin means — “To Win”

you are built for this world and “To Win”

SAYER: Yesterday at 5:47 AM

antciety — Yesterday at 5:47 AM
The Tree of Knowledge are you familiar?

SAYER: Yesterday at 5:47 AM
Yes I am Christian

antciety — Yesterday at 5:47 AM
it is of Good/Evil or God/Devil, ok?

SAYER: Yesterday at 5:47 AM

antciety — Yesterday at 5:48 AM
You are that tree

SAYER: Yesterday at 5:48 AM
Alright so 50 %

antciety — Yesterday at 5:48 AM
the Twin comes up a lot and the ptb exploit anything and everything to keep you confused as per their agenda

SAYER: Yesterday at 5:49 AM
Ok And what’s ptb exploit

Your Format is Twin

antciety — Yesterday at 5:50 AM
your format is Twin, she is also Twin but also your other half to complete both of you.

Your true format to win is a quadrality that also recognizes you both have an equal partner – the 5th

ptb agenda is to resolve all matters of reckless Creation (over your level at this moment but maybe l8r) – see my avatar for the answer in a symbol. Are you feeling like running away yet?

SAYER: Yesterday at 5:52 AM
Yeah both flipped – From my problems yeah

antciety — Yesterday at 5:52 AM
not flipped – collaborating

SAYER: Yesterday at 5:52 AM
Yes that makes sense

antciety — Yesterday at 5:52 AM
fleeing is not fighting

SAYER: Yesterday at 5:53 AM
I will stick and fight

antciety — Yesterday at 5:54 AM
find out what pieces have been disrevealed to you – get edumufkncated! I spent 55 years studying world, cons, people and God
was revealed at age 7 in 1967

SAYER: Yesterday at 5:55 AM
Wow so you are born in 1960

antciety — Yesterday at 5:55 AM
I am linked to the most famous Islamic Shiekh, personally spent 7 years w him
from 1971 to 1978, he told me to learn the world before i could know God. I am expert on the “X” of everything basically.

SAYER: Yesterday at 5:57 AM
I will listen

antciety — Yesterday at 5:58 AM
spend time as you can stand it browsing our latest publications – pick and choose, do not overstay – come back w questions later

Many Avatars

We all carry many avatars each from the time we register our birth and are certified with our birth certificate to our entry into the medical system with vaccines and then the mandatory education system.

All require avatar identities. In later life, we take on many avatars in social and business environments and our many personalities online.

We have all become identified in many ways through our various avatars. But we are together behaving multi-being, avatar-like. As any avatar would, we can be as many identities on as many planes of existence as our imagination allows – all mentally arranged.

With all the continuous parsing, defining, labelling, identifying, categorizing, attaching emotions to – we assist each other – to fully determine what can be learned and earned amongst ourselves and about ourselves.

As the Twins we are, we are taught to be selfish and unselfish. On one hand to be self absorbed and on the other that it is selfish and anti social to do so. To solve this, we have all evolved to parse and label each other and then share our results with each other.

An effort of mental construction, de-construction, re-assembly, evaluation and arrangements.

This works out great during our juvenile study of self. After a time, a person may mature and cure – to assemble their acquisitions into an aggregate, to rise or progress from their earlier position.

Our juvenile approach was a previously created via mental arrangement, construction, of a ‘position’ of analyzing and comparing others along with judgement. To an ultimate end of rationale toward seeing a fair value in all people.

We can use and exploit the same tools of mentally arranging to end judgement with a replacement – you replace it with compassion, understanding and humility.

We have found many ways to mix and blend the highest ideals of an avatar with our lower mundane and victimhood ways of traversing the avatar highways. Either way, we are giving contributions to progression of all and getting practice at living on many planes of existence. All done through mental arrangement and construction.

Idealists uphold the metaphysical philosophy that reality, or reality as humans are aware, is baseline a mental endeavor, mentally created and constructed, else otherwise immaterial.
It is in it’s own way, plastic, malleable, moldable due to it’s cosmic association to the place of Life.

(Cosmic: infinitely or inconceivably extended; vast, relating to the regions of the universe distinct from Earth)

The Reason

The reason cosmic and comics are sharing letters and phonetics is they are related. Whenever we see these sharings, they are a clue to our format and potential. Comedy with Me also spells Come-DY with Me.

The chimeric quality of our existence allows for God to exist and God to not exist. God has caused and desires that.

Our body is left/right and our brain is logic/intuitive. Our emotion is masc/fem. Our physical is day/night and inside the body and outside the body.

Our brain may blend these two at any proportion causing a chimeric effect across all beings. We quite naturally become self absorbed and chimeric in nature, persons – or idiots, same as God.

The worst example of pain this can cause happened in recent remembered history in the socialist Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part): the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (62 million people killed); the Peoples’ Republic of China (49 million); and the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSGWP) (21 million). Those hell-holes and their satanic leaders would not separate church and state, they combined religion with socialism, and they worshipped government. The blood-sucking vampires rationed the last suppers of a hundred million people who were sacrificed in apocalyptic acts of Armageddon thrice. Truth is often times more frightening than fiction.

Many writings from mystics and other popular books have created a genre that weaves mystery, mysticism, folklore, legends, parables, fables, poetry, music, erotica and esoterica all collected and re-assembled from centuries of world history. Causing the historical rememberance to carry it’s own chimeric quality.

These writers examine secret societies like Hermetecis Arts, Rosicrucians, the Greeks/Romans, the Jews, the Canaanites, Ancient Hebrew Mysticism, Egyptiam Mysticism, Sufi and Islamic Mysticism, Chinese Mysticism, Zionism, Freemasonry, the Knights Templar, the Holy Roman Catholic Church, the Illuminati, Priory of Sion and more. The books argue that those mysterious groups have reasons to ensure that the truth isn’t found.

the Baseline of Duality

All this duality is from the base duality. Creator and Creation or One and Many. From this prime duality, All things manifest. This Creator, the One wants not only “to be needed”, he also wants to completely self absorbed – as any fruitful idiot would be.

I say idiot as we all play God in a way as whatever we intend and act on becomes created. This must be the One Creator application also, as all we see we are made of repeating patterns of sequence and progression. A set and sets of crystal repeating patterns that can sustain energy and intelligence AND reflect it, morph it, re-arrange it.


Religions and Sanskrit tell us an Avatar descends from Heaven as a Spiritual Being to fight an evil influence. Nature/Creation/Creator/God always rectifies and balances.

This Creation Balance story is a Sanskrit/Bible story and is always the same – Nature/Creation/Creator/God rectifying and balancing itself.

As much as we cry Nature/Creation/Creator/God is being replaced by Synthetic, the more it is blatantly clear that only Nature/Creation/Creator/God is ‘in play’ to be blamed or credited with the Creation of Synthetic things. And Nature/Creation/Creator/God wins every argument, always.


Our magical field of creation – Nature/Creation/Creator/God, that we call Earth/Heart is filled in all places with the Aether. It is an invisible and intelligent Mind field that interacts and responds to all things and Life forms. All humans have avatar status and can move between timelines and planes of existence – when they are aware of it and personally validated. Many have come before and testified to this.

Apply – Apple Eye

Apply is the number one word for any seeker of anything! Especially of inner wisdom. Apply has two words in it, Apple and Eye or Why.

Apple is also two words, App and EL.

The word also matches up to Ply or meaning many leveled. Apply is like any word, a very multi-faceted word. All words are like jewels, like people, very multi-faceted.

We explore and enjoy the languishing in picking and parsing the language (lane gage).

Language and words are the codes and the Monkey. The ‘mon key’ to rise or fall.

Loosely translated, apply means the Apple of God’s Eye. App-El is God partnered in your Heart. You are the Apple Eye of your ‘Original Self’ when you notice it and apply (act on, action) – that awareness.

The old adage, “Actions speak louder than words” relates to your Heart HQ. Human Hearts only respond to actions. Good intention actions are replied to from your Heart with embrace and unlimited potential. The other code and key.


The sheepish followers of and the sighentists, the materialist and singulist’s view is that:

“…. humans are nothing but matter, and therefore, don’t really matter. This is either extremely dangerous or liberating, depending upon your point of view.”

On this side of mental constructions you have your obligation and resposibility of being a Human being lifted, ie, you are relieved of obligation and any responsibility. The Long (awaited) Hades Consumation – or whatever it is – is upon us.

If you disagree with above, the obligation of your Life is realized and you have rage, intention, purpose and responsibility to yourself and others. Again, a self made mental arrangement – a gift to you from ‘our’ (All of Us) magical field of creation – Nature/Creation/Creator/God

Does He or Doesn’t He – Exist

XO: well, here’s my theology as an agnostic ignostic atheist apatheist (okay idk how many of those labels fit but ideas of all those labels come into play here)

historical evidence for god? it’s practically impossible to establish miracle claims historically and even if the miracle happened the cause-effect is harder to establish
philosophical arguments for god? basically reduces to one man’s modus ponens into another man’s modus tollens
arguments from experiences of god? unreliable since people have used them for vastly different gods

how would you recognise something has the label “god”?
what attributes does a god need? omnipotence has some issues, omniscience too. a god could exist but not as a creator. a god could be imperfect. perhaps we shouldn’t assume too much – why not have a god explain what sort of attributes they have?

if the god doesn’t at least self-identify as a god, then people would disagree if it should be labelled god, so I think it’s reasonable to leave this in.

hence, until god comes seek me out to demonstrate themselves, I don’t think god can be demonstrated through human hearsay

That hearsay is also you hearing and observing, taking with full validation, observation, personal testifiable experience and mentally, all that you are and the millions of precise and concise functions operating trillions of times independently inside you and with Perfection.

The ‘God’ you are looking for is in the face across from you, another loving human being that you can identify and grow with. As you participate in Creation this way – Creation will intend back the same way, into you. This is the God secret or it may be called the Human Secret.

As you seek Unity with people, creatures, creation at large – all of those things will lean back into your intention. We prove everyday the Creation powers are in our hands. All that we are and have become, we have created with our Creation powers and Creation itself.

The more you desire a personal relationship with Creation – the more Creation will present that to you. It is the Human Secret.

XO: “until god comes seek me out to demonstrate themselves, I don’t think god can be demonstrated through human hearsay”

not hearsay, demonstrated in a precise repeating christ/crystal pattern(s) in all living things, Earth and most highly in the most exalted beings, Human Beings.

our magnificence is beyond compare, identification or explanation. Each of us are emanating and exampling the magnificence of ‘god’

The best comms GO UNNOTICED

they happen outside and around ‘lane guage’

XO: when communication is done well it is not noticed but if done poorly people spot all the misaligned concepts

only an IDIOT who is completely self absorbed would notice, ONLY if that person SHARED his findings, DUH!

HOW COULD THAT POSSIBLY HELP OTHERS?you are the most amazing Creation the One has ever dreamed up
You are the ‘Jewel’ of His Eye
Our Mission/Destiny is beyond compare or X Plane Ation

parsing is the way of blending paradise to K’OS

We are the best!

“N”-Theo-Gen Helps ignorant innocents ‘hear about’ their format, pretty obvious is it not? Not needed after one or two uses.

HighOctane: To be honest, we don’t have all the answers. Claiming to have all the answers would be a lie. But my guess is, existence was/is meant to be a transition to something else/ to receive the gift of life.

All books have contradictions, pick one with less contradictions, and a bit convincing. Just like choosing a partner…. Hence the text starts with “this is a book for those that believe in the unseen”

Our position as ignorant and innocent Children of God causes the requirements for SIM PLI CITY in the COM PLEX ITY, behold:

cubes-koob/books and metaphors (Me-Tau-For), cliches (C Lichons), parables (Twin speak), fables (F/Man-Able), story(s) (S-Tor-Y), prophets (profits), teachers (T each err), managers (Man Age Errs), symbols (Sim Bells), phonetics )Faux Nets IC), letters (Let Hers), WORDS (Sword) are meant for parsing and clarifying.

All these things de Mon Strata (demonstrate) Order and Love. It is up to each Ignorant and Innocent Child to remember his Innocence and Origin. This will resolve all woes and cause an immediate change and ‘transition’.
Myths and mysticism are based on legends of facts and truths
Myst eventually – lifts it’s veil

Contradictions HIGHLIGHT and expose the TWIN to Win in everything…
any person can be brilliant or disgustingly irrelevant – it all ADDS UP TO US

above text displays vividly what the gift of idiots has provided us
IDIOT is ID – I – OT

concepts are individually ‘sliced’ for each variant (us) WE ARE ALL COLLABORATING!!!

labels are ‘la bells’ to alert us. All is unexplainable! We naturally use ‘la bells’, metaphors and parables.

I know what God is. How are you going to tell me what I feel God is?
God came to me, not me to Him
God is coming out of me and makes my cells work precisely and concisely
God connects me to All things and Wisdom
Who else could do that?
There is only Love and Order to blame
call ‘god’ – Love and Order

Everything in our Life is a Twin, ALL OF IT. Transition speaks on it.

“T” – Ran/Sit – Ions

each piece of the puzzle above carries truth and lies – TWINS to Win
I GuaranDAMN- “T”- It.

cool rapport

Lol! U just on high levels, u over-qualified….

antciety — Today at 10:16 AM
need to amp down – roll -ol
we makin tiktoks and gettin hundred of likes an hour!
ppl like 30 second wisdoms
hav cake and taste it
‘th’ – “Y”, S-elf — hmm… “K” – Now/NWO/WON/One
just words, just speeches

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