Neuro-theologists & MIT Solve Creation & God & Brain

Neuro-theologists & MIT
Solve Creation & God & Brain
Pyramids Propagate Photons

Ancient technology used sound frequencies as an energy source as evidenced by Cymatics. Current developments in archaeology prove quantum technology was used to build and power the ancient world wide civilization.

NOTE, when you need to calculate how many yards of material is required to fill any rectangular area – take the number you get as the area and divide it by 81 for your number. When you square 3 you get 9. When you square 9 you get 81 which is a perfect cube.

The propagation of a proton (a single measure of light) The sun emits countless numbers of photons. The measures in the pyramids and measuring photons have many similarities around #s 4, 51.51 and 14.4. One simplified explanation of this connection below: (if removed, we have a copy)

The pyramids were designed by very intelligent people that knew such things such as particle physics, binary codes, quantum entanglement and the propagation of photons.


ELE means Extinction Level Event, is ELE part of ELEmental? Is – are all events related to our “thoughts, creating?” Many scientists, researchers and quantum physicists are finding evidence to prove it. Your proof of powers awaits you below.

Can we create physical events from our thoughts? Do our bodies, relationships, beliefs, location and surroundings change according to our thoughts?

We live in the Roman era of Janusian thought. Below are two examples from pre-1980 about our motivations and discoveries of the nature of water. Then immediately to one of the greatest promoters of the quantum computer, Richard Feynman. And then our story up to today – Janusary 2023. (-:

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