Choose your Words Wisely

The vibrations caused when we see or hear words/music or say/read/sing words, there is a cause / effect situation that occurs. This knowledge will put you on an even playing field with anyone.

Choose your Words Wisely

When we truly study the words and the sounds we are making with them, we can adjust our speech to achieve peace, happiness and the love and respect of others.

The words come from sounds and symbols created to identify the sounds. Gestures were added to define the meanings along with tone, emphasis and inflection.

Our language today is very complex and easy to fall into laziness using it. By watching others mis-use the language we get validation that it is OK but it is not OK.

Half of our issue is we are poor listeners and half is from following others lazy mis-use of speech and language.

…the language is literally a “lane gage” demonstrating by the arrangement of the sounds, tones and letters.

Knowing this you can learn to influence others and yourself.

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