What are the first steps to better communication and meaningful relationships?


Communication is a union of two or more parties who have opened their intention to each other to understand each others view and goals.

Ultimately, communication is primarily listening, analyzing and caring to understand the other persons views and view points. We learn mega times more about ourselves and others when we are listening in a sincere way than we could ever learn while speaking. This makes the primary path to meaningful relationships is listening in a sincere way and analyzing what you heard.

Mastering listening is very important because it will show you exactly what words and how to arrange them when it is your turn to speak. By listening carefully one can identify where the stumbling blocks occur when communicating. When you teach yourself how to sincerely listen to the view across from you and in a caring way, then all you need to know about speaking will become clear.

The common sense rules about speaking

The common sense rules about speaking are to acknowledge what the other person said before offering your view or change of subject. Next is to start your sentences with “I” as opposed to starting them with “You”. This avoids the sense of attack and avoids the need for defense.

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