Our Brain connection: timeless honor – PI-Kneel

timeless honor – PI-Kneel

You were born into a dream world, you’re mission,
if you accept, is to WAKE UP!

A high level of spiritual growth and attainment of the whole truth that will set you free requires as much work as the effort taken to become un-realized. Just like anything, if you travel somewhere it will typically take equal effort to return.

The first step is recognizing this and convincing yourself the effort of unwrapping yourself is worth the gain you have not seen or had described to you. You have to find the ability to tune into your Intuition. Today the number one issue is noise and rigid habits.

The Pineal is a shortcut to awareness of your immortality and Intuition. It has many functions as an interface in the brain to assist a person in their growth as a twin – density and spiritual being. It is proven to be the link to our subconscious mind and to deeper inner realms.

Commonly referred to as the Third Eye, as it has rods and cones cells in the same format as in our retina which assist us with sight in darkness. It is the gateway to immortality and walking a mortal life with a deep connection to it.

Pineal produces agencies: Melatonin is the anti-aging and anti-stress agent because it suppresses our cortisol and is also a powerful anti-oxidant/disinfectant. Pineal also regulates the levels of our ‘feeling good’ agencies labelled Serotonin and Dopamine.

The ESP/6th sense/soul connection/spirit molecule known as DMT (dimethyltryptamine) is produced by the pineal gland. DMT gives the power to understand pure wisdom and immortality.
The reason it is advertised as a fantasy trip chemical is the people taking it from flowers and mushrooms and LSD and other Pharma productions want a fantasy experience and that is what they get.

When the Pineal is healthy and focused on that person has a very long, healthy, happy and peaceful life as a mortal and has time to meet their immortality before their last breath as a mortal, making them a star in the game of life.

The worst effect of losing touch and focus with Pineal is we surrender to whatever the world throws at us. Our memory of our immortality is in reference form only. The esteem or reverence, is a distant memory at best.

In today’s noisy world we have added a diet rich in acids which tear down the power of the Pineal and calcify it. The following are foods to help and another list of harm to the Pineal.

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