Impetus of Human/Kind

Your Born Power

Things are becoming more than dicey. A challenge has come to meet us. Two challenges – both named Impetus/Emphyton. One is new and one is old. One recognizes natural antagonism. One recognizes man made conflict. One is a Man’s destiny. One extends Man’s density.

Ancient civilizations were using technology. The electricity plays the featured role in the cataclysmic endings of recent cultures. Whatever role nature has in the destruction, Man’s electricity has as big a hand in it. All the made up and altered histories and broken timelines lead to men altering it for their purposes. Altering it with parsing, labeling and possessing.

Our Impetus (natural uncontainable antagonism) is the invisible and immeasurable Life force that powers and intelligently manages our physical, emotional and spiritual Life.

Can we mentally create or allow a simulation of sorts in our reality. Is our power so great we can create a container for our uncontainable selves. Would we explore containing and pressuring ourselves in a container to have a melded contained and uncontained experience/challenge? These are the questions I ask when I challenge my Impetus (driving force).

Impetus Amazement

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