God Whispered me the ‘Meaning of Life’ – Part 1

…all treasure of all universes and Creator are available inside my Heart if I love it as much as it loves me….

Quest of a Seeker of Truth (Poly Tic) Poly See

This is the beginning of a series to answer the meaning of life and you. 14 Parts, this is Part One on Empathy.

  • Empathy – This Article
  • Am I Immortal
  • Where is God/One True Creator of All
  • Why did the Creator Make Creations
  • Who is Enemy or Friend
  • What are my Body and Eyes/Ears Telling Me
  • What is my Mind or Heart Telling Me
  • What is the Format of Human
  • What is the Purpose of a Human
  • Is it possible to lose Judgement of Others
  • What happened to religions
  • Who were the rebels for humankind
  • How to become a rebel for yourself and the world
  • Regarding All Lives as your Own

where does empathy come from

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