Does GOD Need to Be Needed? -5 min

Does GOD Need to Be Needed?

First of all, are we microcosm-ed and condensed versions of the Universe, Creation and God? We found this to be casually observable once we allow some pride, ego and fear to detach from us a little. Once we step back from our ‘zoomed in’ and ‘narrow minded’ focus – we can allow the bigger picture of the world, all the not known things, all it’s reasons to exist and our purpose for existing, slowly enter our thoughts. Bit by bit, until we reveal ourselves, to ourselves.

Ok, now that you are looking at a bigger picture, do you feel you need to be needed or will you be ok with zero people needing you? If you answered “I need to be needed” then you are feeling the same exact emotion of the Creator and the Universe. All Beings on Earth and in the Universe have the same exact primary impulse: “I Need to be Needed!” Human Beings are co-creator gods in this Universe Game.

We can create any height to achieve and any depth – and we do, because we can. We must know everything as we are responding to the call of “I Need to be Needed!”. The Creator wants a fully creative partner – US! We have explored every height and every depth in our effort to respond to the Creator to become fully Creative and be His partner as ‘equal’. We are not evil or dirty. We are working toward a goal. To become partners in every wat with the Prime Creator.

As Creator Beings, we can create any archetype or hierarchy – and we do. Each human has incredible powers to be self creative or join in with others.

Job lost everything, suddenly, no warning. Such is life

Steve and God’s intent allowed K’OS to reign on his material attachments – possessions. This happened to Job in biblical times. just a story, right?

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