Chapter 8 Chiron the Planet Rules the God of Medicine

Ophiuchus aka Asclepius – God of Medicine

In Russian, our oldest lands, Ya Uchus means, “I am learning”. In Africa/Egypt Yah means God / Most High. We will need some backstories to understand Chiron, Asklepios and Humanity relationships, the back stories:

Asklepios’s eyes are closed in the statues. Very few written texts about him. The eyes closed, represent that Asklepios, learned, through his associations with the Titans, and his intentions, to ‘see’ from within all of his Human cells, along with his mortal eyes.

Asklepios earned his wings and made it to the sky, to be one of many influencers, of you and me and Humanity. An example. He learned to allow for his divinity and eternity. He is the only known Human Divine in the sky. He is a one in a billion story. Shall we get to it?

Asklepios has no counterpart as is seen and written but he does have a partner and ‘ruling’ planet named Keiron / Chiron. Both mighty influencers within the Human drama.

Evolution is Preceded by Choice

All actions are preceded by mental allowance and application. Evolution is preceded by Free Will or Choosing. It is the antagonism we are all born into. It is our Impetus. It is in our Evolutionary Paradigm and Destiny. Our world and ourselves are in flux. There is no stopping it.

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Evolution is Preceded by Choice
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