9 Chapters – Twins named Humility/Pride

Twins named Humility/Pride

Humiliation Complex vs Dynamic Humanity
Pride & Humility are Twins
Words are Sword, tread carefully

Various changes over societal progression have morphed the understanding of pride and humility, this book resolves that. This book fully explains Pride, Humility and what to do about it to dramatically change and improve immediately. Techniques to include storytelling, proportioning your assets/time and optimizing your strengths. All free. Please support us on Patreon and receive contributor benefits too.

Everything in our world of Creation including ourselves is Left/Right or Twin. There is an equal counter to all things. Many times two ideas make themselves very apparent as ‘MUST STAY LINKED FOREVER’. This is the case with Willy Nilly vs Even Steven and also with.

Pride vs Humility

Pride/Humiliation/Separation vs Humble/Peace/Unity

Confucian humility is the most ancient origination, it is profoundly foundationed in the inner spirit or inward journey so eloquently described by Greek philosophers. The Greeks, Indian Hindus and Chinese were consistently valuing the social good over the satisfaction of the individual aspirations. Unity of community was always considered to be ‘the aspiration’ to be taught and exampled in actions by all.

Socrates declared wisdom is actually ‘allowing ourselves to know that part of what we know includes a vast amount of what we don’t know.’ He also recognized the repeating patterns in Nature and human progression. He declared the “R” as a symbol of repeatings.

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