How to Become a Deity

What is Deity – God?

Nirvana is saying — “Near” Van/Front – ‘Ah’ —

There are very few writings on deity and god as you will see from the reference list at the bottom of this page, ha ha. Everything you ever wanted to know about God, deities and achieving total awareness is on this page… Read. (most 20 somethings yawn and mock thiswe have work to do)

Nina & Kevin Became a Deity

We will carefully and compassionately prove how men have traded their deity powers of supra-mundane examination of definable and undefinable into a one-sided affair of critical thinking of definable things. Leading us into an era of morphism and nare-do-well-ism.

We have learned to look at Strife and Drama as setbacks. A one sided view. We intend to bring resolution to this argument.

We have left half our natural birthright powers neglected and to become atrophied. We will show here the proof you are a natural born deity and how to reclaim it.

We will show you how to claim yours also. We practice Zen, Nirvana and Peace toward all others throughout every moment of everyday. We achieved all the keywords you want to place here. Typically when we share this wonderment we wish to share and see others achieve – STONES ARE CAST AT US, shame.

Here is a partial list of our personal achievements we would like to see others have:

  • Nirvana
  • Ah Law of being an infinite transcendent being
  • magnified being of a supra-mundane realm
  • manifesting wisdom, ideas and knowledge
  • exampling the Soul…

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