The Book on ‘god’ and Buy Bull

Chapter 1 – Buy Ba’al Book is Just That

You are now a Leader, Book 8, “The Book on ‘god’ and Buy Bull” is now released for public consumption. All the fake gods are being revealed along with all your natural born powers, how to claim them, use them and continually grow your power and sovereignty.

Always 2 or more Deities

There is nothing to fear. There is no lack. You are the Jewel of the true Creator’s eyes. There is nothing you cannot do. All you will ever need in a fair, equitable and loving way will always be right under your nose, in view of your eyes and at hands reach. This revealing will give you new powers, eyes and perspective to take on the world and the truth of your Life.

There are two deities we may consider. This book will put all the explanations to rest. The most well known deity per Hollywood actions are the “God of the Bible” of which there is an old antiquated ‘God’ and a new Aryan cleansed USA “God of the Bible”. These are considered two of the many egeregoric ‘gods’ that have been written about in history since Egyptian times. These two deities may be referred to as:

  • The many egeregoric gods of nations and men.
  • The One true Creator of All Mystery.

Every Earth Thing is Countered

We live in a Left/Right, Man/Woman, Night/Day existence. All lies have truth next to them. We should expect to be confronted with lies and truth, daily. ..

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