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X Plane Tree Knowledge & Infinity ∞

All things of Earth and Earth are made of Order or Love. They are the same thing or Life would not exist. Without Order/Love Life would end. The Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil is made from 1 ingredient, Love.

  • K 10/1
  • G 7
  • E 5
  • L 11/2
  • 15 total, the letter of “P”erfection

G7 for Good
E5 for Evil — equals a perfect dozen plus a mysterious 13th – the K 10/1

Add L 11/2 for Love and you get “P” 15/6
P for Perfection. The Tree represents Love/Order/God/Man/Earth/All. Tree is corner-stoned by “T”. The Perfect T. It is the 19th letter and the purpose of the Coveted Nine Teens tribulation.

K and L are 111 – Twins to Win

“J” was invented to placemark

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