How Six Reconciled w Seven

How Six Reconciled w Seven
(13579 are feminine, 2468 are masculine)
(13579=25/7 — 2468=20/2)

“7” always here

Feminine -digits flank, center and flank – Ma’at Stages/Laws 1, 2, 3.
Masculine digits center, flank and center Ma’at Stages/Laws 1, 2, 3.
Scales of Balance, always

Man/6 – 7/feminine, see above
The first thing to stop a Man/6 from merging w 7/feminine is he thinks he is Number One

Six/Sex is an End Game

Six is the end game in Stage Two of Ma’at, the Creation to Completion saga we are all within. Masculine numbers 4 and 6 are flanking feminine “5” in Stage Two.

Since Six is the 3rd number in Stage Two (456), he has been the boss for sometime and does not want to relinquish his ‘authority’. Each stage has in it, 3 stages. They are represented as a wave. Struggle upswing, Climax at Peak, slow coastal downswing to Silence. Waves are continuous, in flux.

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“Y6” is afraid of seven, six is wandering:
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