678! lgbt wins a Phoenix & the Vegas

Script-chore is calling!

Today (5 days since S-election) we wait from the burning Phoenix and the vegas to determine the medusa selection charade.

2022 has 22 songs to sing to forget your elections selections. We can sign on the dotted line while we whine about our signs. 678 LGBT’s on ballot in 2022. Oregon is notable. Crypto and script-chore are about to merge. Mediocrity for all believers, death for the excess.

L/11, G/7, B/2, T/19 = 39/12/3

What is the sacredness of Man/Woman vs other pairings?

We have data on the pending culture/econo-crash. If you are ready to hear, let us know, we will direct you. Else, lose yourself in dreams below. Learn the past to correct the future.


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