Vagus Nerve – kundalini genie

Vagus Nerve – kundalini genie
The Vagus Nerve is our Twin Consciousness?
‘everything matters’

(Space) has Properties (Wave-Medium) that give rise to the many things (Matter as the Spherical Wave Motion of Space). Kundalini, as the ‘active aspect of the formless, attribute less, Absolute’ can now be described as the (spherical wave) Motion of One Infinite and Eternal Space / Source of All. As it is through (wave) Motion that Space manifests the many things.

A container, a field and a catalyst

The serpent is always symbolic of consciousness. Shown is the stimulation of both the vagus & pineal projecting consciousness up to the source, or consciousness. Cultural beliefs show DNA by it being birthed from an egg & splitting into Twins. Our ancestors have helped us by leaving that knowledge to us in symbolism to show us how our water body, the Earth and Consciousnesses all interconnect and function on the physical density plane & the non-physical or consciousness/spiritual plane.

These connections when identified reveal a grand connection between Human Hearts, the Earth/Universe and Consciousnesses. The ancient Vedas describe these things in detail and freely available to all.

Today we now know many functions in the body that make us aware – parts of our body that facilitate conscious. These findings are a match to the ancient methods -written down – of connecting minds. It was true what the ancients said and practiced. Our current hierarchies hide this from us to enhance their positions of domination. It was and is a genesis of sorts. A split into two camps of the same body. We have made twins of ourselves – One learned, one yet to learn. A Gen of IS IS.

What do ‘they’ know

Our ‘feudalistic leaders are well aware …

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