Marvel Cartoon pushes Vex-Scenes

It is a pFizer Marvel – Omni-Kron – Oct 5
All of Us Twins Get a Choice

We are all born and live as Twins

3 – Twin videos below contain many Twin reveals.

We are all born into this dilemma of being a ‘twin lifeform‘ in almost every regard. We see it equally represented in all things. We call it duality and proclaim ‘a choice must be made between them‘.

We may explore this with each other to discover our true format and dilemma.

The Marvel-Build Gates Cartoon 4Kidz

Cartoon released on 10.5, Oct 5, 2022. The reason for veer-uses and the farm-ah and fasce/gates groups is to aid humanity out of a very deep doo doo situation.

Saving Separation 7 World

We have evolved in our journey of understanding/exploring particles, separation, selfishness and an endless and soon to be, conclusive search for the absolute smallest thing where life itself “MUST BE EMANATING FROM”.

Our separation and selfishness journey to explore every particle and perspective has led to each person “being on their own” so to speak. We have had to evolve a type of self godhood to traverse our worlds of separations and re-assembling.

We have Morphed!

Our new perspectives and evolvement of separations are being pressed and challenged to the limit. We are in no position to ignore our past or the overall accumulations of it. The ‘forced vex-see-nations squad’ is at your door to plead with you to “Wake Up” from your deep and restful slumber. Begging you to review your life and the state of separation we have come to. Change is at our door. The cartoon story of forcing ves-see-nations is below.

pFizer says “jump!”

pFizer said: ‘When Ultron (Man) wreaks havoc, the Avengers (our archetypes/ptb/leaders) act as the first line of defense.

pFizer public statement: ‘People can help protect themselves by staying up to date with Covid vaccinations.’

Marvel “vexed” cartoon webpage disclosure:
‘This web page is intended only for U.S. residents. The information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace discussions with a healthcare provider. Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE. September 2022. PP-CVV-USA-1594.’ — custom 2022 pFizer WLR (2022) #1, sponsored by pFiser & BioTech

Imagine, coveted nine teens to veer us

Is it possible that covet nine-teen is imaginary and falsely presented as a technique to transition this world and the persons in it? A new cartoon for children and their caretakers is being promoted widely – from the fasce/build gates group – and may prove the incredibly complex scheme.

The Storyboard

First we notice there are five humans, grandpa (played by Build Gates), mother, father, son, daughter. And there are six archetypes, Captain America, Ultron, Iron Man and three other Avengers. There is also a mysterious Seventh ghost figure leading the Avengers. A ‘hold out’ or reserve from the cast off spiritual realms.

The group that leads and motivates the morals and conclusions of cartoon story are represented in the portrayal of the archetypes. We can ‘see’ the names and faces of the players behind the masks of the archetypes in the story.

At one point Ultron the antagonist (Ul-tron is in fact representing Humans and individuals) morphs into and aberration of a swarm of himself. He makes more versions of himself to be more effective preserving his position.

The Avenger team (A-Team, PTB, fasce/gates group) used more weapons to fight Ultron’s ingeniuousness and superior creative and adaptability power.

They invoked ancient powers and entities including Thor, Thor’s Lightning and Antarctic Vibranium. The Avenger team is always morphing and progressive to match the morphing ability of Ultron (humanity).

The Avenger team shows how they come from historical and ancient worlds that have mysterious ghosts and entities. At one point, they say, when we all lived on Titan, they achieved enough power to launch Ultron into outer space.

In the cartoon, the family patriarch says ‘I Am’/Iron Man will show up soon to save everyone. I Am is Iron Man, the new iron needle savior. Later in the cartoon we find Grandpa and I Am/Iron Man ‘know’ each other and Grandpa calls I Am, Tony. (Anth – One-NY)

Grandpa Bill Confesses

Gandpa confesses to the children he is an old top worker for “DC” (Damage Control). He and his team had the job of cleaning messes left from ‘super hero’ fights. Grandpa used to be a DC/Damage Control specialist and he got to get friendly with ‘insiders’.

Grandpa goes on to repeat the pre WWII mottos of Stay Calm, Carry On, follow government orders (Avenger Team/AT, A=1 and T=19, total is 119-911)

The end of the cartoon is happy as the Avengers leave and Ultron disappears like magic when ‘the people’ rally as one community and instead of wearing super hero capes and flying – “they wear a small bandage on their upper arm after they receive the I Am, Iron Man Iron Needle rejection deflection injection, to allow one more mis-direction into obscurity.

Car – Tune, Cartoon

Car-Toon translates to “Heart Rhythm”. We all remember as small children we were molded by cartoons per our parents and caretakers sanctioning and promotion.

A new comic cartoon for kids and their parents to motivate you to get a poisonous untested for safety, government rejection for an unknown or proven (advertised as life threatening) – Veer-Us. The new cartoon from gates/fasce centers around a grandpa waiting for his rejection at a gov sponsored clinic that is being attacked by the Avengers villain Ultron.

Avengers villain Ultron, Ultron from the group called Avengers. Ultron always comes back. He never learns his lesson and eternally attacks innocents. He suffers from his own ignorance and layers and layers of harmful actions against others keeping him somehow trapped in his existence.

Ultron is always in flux and morphing, multiplexing, evolving, mutating and ‘re-creating’ newer adapted versions of himself. Harder and harder each time to ‘crack the code’ of Ultron. Ultron, in this cartoon story is presented as Covet-nine-teens virus.

Ultron is Us Humans!

In actuality, the hero of this cartoon is Ultron as he represents ‘each one of us’ – the individuated persons of the populace of the world and the ultimate ‘targets’ of the vex-see-nations program.

(Ultron is a modern human – “L” Tron – decodes symbolically, by letter implication and phonetically — “yU+eL+Trion” — combination of developed selfgod view, authentic god-man, aberrations of 3’s and “N”)

The program is the conclusion of generations of build up. It is a cleaning and gleaning program that is in tune with Earth and Humanity.

Together, the bad guys and the good guys, all of us, are gleaning the ‘best of the best’ from the remains of the remains. A very long journey of Human and Earth development as proven by the countless grains of sand.

Is it Comical – funny?

Comical? Is pfizer wiser or a liar. Pfizer carries a silent “P” whatever might the reason be? They say they are reacting to 20 to 1 eligible for OmiKron injectable vex-see-nations. 20 to 1! (2-1)

Pfizer, fasce and gates also want 5 to 11 year olds to line up for a bivalent vex-seen. From 5 to 11 is Six, or 5 plus 6 is 11. A bivalent vex-seen elicits an immune response against two different targets/antigens. This can mean two different viruses as fasce and team describe their task, or two variations of one virus (more confusion to add to confusion).

The current Covet-nine-teens vex-seens and boosters target the original type of Covet-nine-teen discovered in late 2019. They are considered “monovalent” vex-seens.

Who is CA – Capt America and IM – Iron Man?

In the cartoon, a character named CA (ka) or Captain America shows up. He tries valiantly with righteousness to show the people the scourge is not real and a mental construct. No one listens! He is about to be defeated when a new hero comes to attempt to save everyone from the fake veer-us.

It is IM (I am) or Iron Man. IM is presented as the savior and as YOU!
You are I am and you know it! IM is also the latest greatest Iron Needle injection, the new Lizer Jabbie, direct poison to your Heart. The savior in this story.

The IM in this cartoon is the savior of ‘worldly attachments’. It is saving all you have known in this illusion world. Materialism, selfishness, declaring self as god and god as silent and non existent. The shot and the threat of the shot and the threat of everything known coming to an end is the ultimate ‘pressure’ for Ultron/Us.

The Veer-Us is in fact – Us. We are the ones doing the ‘veering’.

So far we have:

  • Ultron (L tron) is the Veer-Us and the human individuals – the people.
  • IM false savior of the world, iron needle, backers, fasce-gates group.
  • CA (capt america)is the authentic savior failing at showing authenticity to the people.

We also have the central character, Grandpa Bill, our biggest hero in this story. He tells the audience and little Billy that “even superheroes have to keep ‘adapting’ to fight off Ultron — a clear reference to the updated vaccines.”

Battles of Twins

Grandpa is referencing the individual persons of Earth who have to keep ‘adapting’ to fight off Ultron – meaning “we Humans” are having an internal battle with our Twin selves. Twin against Twin. Brother versus Brother. Inside each person in the world

In the final scene, Grandpa looking exactly like Build Gates is smiling at the camera/audience. The super heros from the A-Team/Avengers and politicians are seen in the background. Each vex-synated person pictured is shown with a bandage on the left arm. The fifth person is a child but only their left arm is shown – without a vex ‘hero’ bandage.

We are left wondering, did the child go shot-less? Or is the bandage on the hidden right arm? We are left to our own minds and the twins of ourselves to come to a conclusion.

‘born under a bad sign’

We are all born into this dilemma of being a ‘twin lifeform’ in almost every regard. We rarely mention it to each other or fully explore our format and dilemma.

The world has evolved to erase that knowledge and meaning. In replace of that knowledge we have developed hierarchies who cannot resist but push us to the limit as apparently – we are all working together on the same project!!

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