Inspiration – the Sage

Inspiration – the Sage

Would we all like to be like the old sage sometimes? Able to chuckle at the most egregious dilemmas and explain the simple answer in simple terms. Seemingly always at peace and in perfect balance with his confidence of knowledge and the world as it stands. We know this man will die as peacefully as he lived. How did he get this attainment, this peace, this resolution?

The Sage appears in order, to guide the eager student. When the student is ready, the Sage will appear. The teacher became teacher after many trials and study. The student, the same.

In the Sage, the student can see the Prize, the Method and the Reason for his own Existence. The student may see this in the appearance of the Sage in front of him. The testimony and validation is – the appearance of the Sage. The student can verify this with his own Intuition.

To acknowledge this, is the first step in attainment of peace and all knowledge. The student now knows which direction to face and where to place his intent.

… everyone is different with individual experiences Everything has to be up for questioning because most of what you’ve been told about the nature of your reality is based on an illusion…

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