1 Let-Her at a TIME, cull-endar me

1 Let-Her at a TIME, cull-endar me

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who is ‘cullpable’ – denying

together we are making the ‘Cull-Ender‘ or as we call it, the calendar.
But, the culling, will finally come to an end.
who is ‘cullpable’

We have 36 synonyms/same for culpable, ie., 36 similar words to culpable to describe ‘accountability’.
We have 468 antonyms/opposed for ‘culpable’, ie., ‘denying culpability’.
How’d we do that?

468 anto-nyms
36 syn-onyms
504 total

TEAMS 4 – memory holes

TEAMS and THEMES are developed from military terms from the word ‘Themes’ during the Byzantine Era. From 7th century on.

To communicate with the different Themes or military regions across the empire, the Byzantines developed a system to…

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