Luna Tunes – Child/nimrod Odes – Elmer Fudd

Luna Tunes – Child/nimrod Odes – Elmer Fudd

Luna is acting Looney

The moon sunk at 4:00 pm this afternoon at less than a half moon. No one noticed. It also hit the horizon at 55 degrees north of where the sun set, no one not iced. We have recorded and published dozens of anomalies as abnormal as this over the last two years. No one noticed but a few people cursed us and offered countless ridiculous explanations for our stupidity.

Karmic vs Comic Relief

We can thank 100 years of “karmic relief”. We call it “comic relief” as we will believe almost any suggestion. The “karmic relief” goes to the perpetrators of the con. With your participation and fulfillment of the suggestion, you and your party take over 90% of the credit/blame/debt/bill/karma for your very own “actions”. The comic relief we believe in is…

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