‘X’POSING the secrets of S-X


f**King spelled this way shows the missing “U-C”, — IE, you do see the F-King.

Our (meta-FOR-I-See, metaphoric) – “S” spins on top of our static “X” making for morphing and multiplexing
we are now aberrations and being “compacted” toward resolution and absolve-ment/settlement

The plan is and has always been: to gather together. To find and allow all truth to enter us so we can be completely resolved. We have a nine point agreements discussion list. here are the first five, the balance is reserved for leaders to discuss and refine:


  1. We intend peace, agreements and harmony in our action, behavior and planning/policy decisions.
  2. We intend to live peacefully with equal opportunity and respect for each other.
  3. We intend to adjust our behavior to end the mental entrapment of the media and institutions (gov, mil, bank, media, education, corporatism, mis-guided beliefs, promoters of AI/NWO)
  4. We intend to establish freedom of privately held purpose to each human being – logical, intuitive or both!
  5. We intend to heal and provide assistance and support to every type of positive human relationship.

feedback requested – is this agreeable?

Points in this article

  • Our Peace Plan for Humanity and persons
  • Xplaining A/V
  • What is sex and S-X decode
  • Yin Yang
  • the King and Queen of Earth
  • Birth of Earth and Humans
  • The meaning of A/V
  • The ‘compaction era’
  • Finding Peace via piece by piece
  • synchronicities and intuition
  • We are born to reach the 50 yard line – no TD’s
  • Our halftime show is continuously maintained by compaction era techniques

Our (meta-FOR-I-See, metaphoric) – “S” spins on top of our static “X” making for morphing and multiplexing – as we are now aberrations and being “compacted” toward resolution and absolve-ment/settlement. “S” is the Spin of Illusion that hides our true nature/origin/authorship – the “X”

S-X or Sex gets us through countless cycles of inTENsity(10) – Destruction/Death(11) – Restart/Replenishment(12) Twelve is a Twi Elve or a human marionette ruled by cyclical stages of “3” with a false duality of day/night or good/bad “2”.

This provides all answers available to one hand, the hand of Logic.
This also makes all answers on one hand – again – on the hand of Intuition.

All answers are on one hand. When the one hand of Logic is in Harmony with the One hand of Intuition, well, those two One hands with “5” fingers or answers each, now sums to 5/5 or “10” or “One” or “1”

In order for the average man to ENGAGE in his own “finding purpose and peace” and co-existing in a progressive BUT ALSO FAIR world – he must see value in his own life. He must recognize his own power of sovereignty and self determination. When this is recognized – at the same time the generational and epochal stealing of our sovereignty is ALSO RECOGNIZED. The ENGAGEMENT causes ENRAGEMENT or RAGE

Rage is also “R” Age, or Repeating Age. This means we are in a cyclical Age. These cycles are also Psy-Culls of humanity. They go in three stages as proven throughout historical documentation and prophets, sufis, enlightened, philosophers, ancient texts.

Yin Yang

The dark teardrop/OS contains a Monad of LIGHT
The LIGHT teardrop/EOS has a Monad of DARK
Behind the yin yang is the impulse of all life.

OS equals One Source
EOS equals Expression One Source

Behind the chart – HA HA zero H8 – HATE GONE
The fen shui chart also implies “the rest of the multiplexing and aberrations” they are ‘beyond’ the scope of the chart.
In English Feng means “wind” and Shui means “water.”
It is an ancient combination of art and science in China. It originated over 3000 years ago, the map, maps all in our scope

feng shui map

King/Queen of Earth

Both Kings are inside of us and revealed to us at all times. Same way it is inside your mind and body. Whatever is of this Earth – is of you. Earth’s creator, the primary, is unseen and can only be observed by observation and a ‘sense’ coming from inside.

It is a still, invisible “V” (symbolically, metaphorically) of all Creation(s) and our Mother, Mother Earth. Mother Earth is the first Queen (King).

Mother Earth, the first King, is an emanation of expressions of herself, based on her Creator, the One. After many epochs, eons and millennia, a ***failsafe *** King(s) named “A” (carries the capstone) to compact the “V” after so many morphs and multiplexing and aberrations. This is a ‘failsafe’ planned by the owner of pure wisdom – a place of no time and all knowledge. The A/V symbology, Symbol Study – is also shown in the Vesica Pisces. See two examples below:

AC/JC image from the grand masters inside the capstone of the “A”

Equal Measure OS

There is no antagonism in this place as all things are of Equal Measure. All things have a counter of equal measure. No crime or act of peace is unrewarded. –N’One.–

All things resolve and are settled alongside many multiple potentials and outcomes. This is the reason we are in the “Compaction Era”, where All things, be they physical or spiritual – will touch and ‘hear’/’see’ each other. The owner of pure wisdom is powering and partnering all living things, all inanimate things and all imagined things and all potentials as they adjust and change, millisecond by millisecond.

We, each of us, are the Apple of God’s Eye, as in the primary force of pure wisdom in all things. We, each of us, carries the entire Universe and all the history in it, before, now and after. We can easily see the history of the world in the ‘grains of sand’. We also see the history subtly as it is handed to us and with intuition/contemplation. It is given through subluminal and mental manipulation to install beliefs in you as test of your ‘leaning factor’ toward your HOME.

IE – do you want to go Home
or do you want to ROME and keep getting recycled here?

Two or more characters (frequently twins) are in such perfect harmony that they seem almost to be one person with two bodies. They finish each other’s sentences, never seem to need to talk to communicate, and may even know what is happening to each other from far away. The same power inside each person.

Comes from your completely silent and invisible co-creator location, the infinitesimal center of your Heart

(meta-FOR-I-See, metaphoric) – I am very much FOR what I SEE.

Piece by Piece 4Peace – Who Not/Ices

100% 4Rea–son (free, son) – The Sage-Saga of Earth – Is it True? You can’t handle truth?

  • “X”planing the A/V world of Earth and Duality
  • “A” (symbolically, metaphorically) is the ‘god’ of this world.”V” is the birther and creator of this world.
  • At some point in the expressions of the “V” (Earth, Life. Atoms, living things)
  • — Humans came to be. Moon and Sun came to be
  • A V, A/V, Audio Visual
  • Assault, Atoms, Anointed, Appointed, Attack
  • Victory, Virgin Mother Earth, Valor, Vengeance
  • both must exist for a war to “R”age/rage.
  • RAW is the Victroy
  • WAR is the Assault

Our abilities as ‘co-creators’ led to the Failsafe of an “A” being created to contain, compact and resolve all things. The “A” now sits atop the “V”. Everything is Perfect and Magnificent. No worries. (“U” are there also!)

Above, told in Music, Below

Our World always has a “J” to mock the space

S-X Down – Five to Go!

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