GEN-ISsISs vs “dJinn ISS 7ven” ~ Genesis = “7&”

GEN-ESsISs vs “dJinn ISS 7ven” ~ Genesis = “7&”

Note: Here at longitude 119 degree – west usa at 6:42 AM 21.9.22 sunrise, we notated the S un position at the horizon. Equinox Day (ED) is today, 22.9.22 –Complete cloud cover in entire sky – no sun to see this am. Video in next few days of the ED period and S un movements.

“7&” what does it mean? – amp err sand

On the QWERTY keyboard (qua ERR TY and queer-Tee) – the 7 and the (amp err sand)/& are in the same ‘KEY’ (resonance and frequency). The ‘ampersand’ is in the shape of a Figure “8” and a ‘Klein’ bottle. A closed loop with an entry point and an exit point. ‘They’ know it, you are finding out today. The reason ‘we’ here at Word Skill .buzz “see” these clues and validations of “Equal Measure” in all things is NOT BECAUSE WE ARE DELUDED!

It is because THERE IS EQUAL MEASURE IN ALL THINGS, when the proper guidance and lens are employed. Before that comes the impulse “to rise from your chair” and FIGHT! Recognize you have been blinded to the beauty and equality in all things. RAGE for your Sovereignty!

LEARN means “L” Earns! You are “EL”, (a single/multiplexed/uniqued/personified) One expression of the One, in uniqueness and equally measured by the One Source of all things. LEARN all there is to find about your complex MIX of ‘simplicity and aberration’ – combined. At once, you are multiplexed over many timelines with uncountable potentials and potential outcomes, changing from moment to moment and location to location. All baselined in the simplest of formats.

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