Magic Arithmancy vs Neuro-linguistics vs Numerology “7”

Magic Arithmancy vs Neuro-linguistics vs Numerology “7”

Greetings Wisdom Warriors! Happy day and Life!

We have written many articles on neuro psychology and influencing it primarily with phonetics, letters, and words through the use of Neuro-Linguistics. It is an ancient Hermetical Art in use today – secretly – by the powers that be, a very small number of fascists, fighting for their lives and ensuring continuous Earthly catastrophes and re-starts.

Wake up people!

In Hollywood/Corporate/Banker driven USA, arithmancy, neuro-linguistics, social alchemy, astrology and the paranormal are all utilized. The study of the ‘Arts’ reveal there are many many secrets within the properties of numbers, the meanings, dates, times, and dates. These ‘secrets’ are protected with might. Numerology is believed to be an ‘art form’ or natural ability gifted to the collective unconscious to be harvested and exploited for the good. The Corpse Orations are a very small number of fascists fighting for their lives – against US!

Some groups believe that numerology is a paradigm/map/blueprint or self-organizing number set from which the structure of our lives is both elementally and mentally ‘mapped out’ for us, with our conscious ability to alter our destiny.

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