Reptilian Brain – ‘Drag it on Queen’

Reptilian Brain – ‘Drag it on Queen’

Stress means – you have more on your plate/table than you can handle. Momma dragon queen in your brain loves to ‘partner up’ with you in these situations. Her and her loyalists create most of the stress situations we encounter!

The resulting emotion is anxiety now anxiety can disrupt your brain function it interferes with thinking and memory and makes it harder to solve the problems that are making you stressed.

“Simple methods of reducing that stress reaction”:

  • Manage what to ‘focus’ on – you X focus minutes a day
  • Develop an order and tactics to manage thoughts
  • what/which/when thoughts can be allowed in deeply
  • which ‘feelings’ we allow or dis-allow
  • when the ‘buy’ light is lit
  • and when the ‘do not buy’ light is lit
  • will literally change the neurochemistry in the brain
  • will make it healthier
  • will make it calmer
  • will make it more powerful
  • your brain’s neuro-pharmacy adjusts as your mind calms
  • becoming more positive and celebrates small wins each moment and day.

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