Lethargy vs Kayleth = “wake up” & “get out of your chair”

Lethargy vs Kayleth = “wake up”

letho-, leth-
(Greek > Latin: lie hidden, secret; forgetfulness, forget, inactive, forgetfulness; sleepy, drowsy, dull, sluggish)

from: https://wordinfo.info/unit/1176
we see this ‘other’ body above the Sun for 2 years now

Lethargy means you have no idea the Sun has had a viewable (in the sky) companion for years – more viewable now than ever. ‘We have company’! Rise and Shine! Pole shift researchers say a climate catastrophe will appear as the Mag North is rapidly on the move and will arrive at the 40 degree mark in Siberia in the next 60 days….

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