FOUR “T” 7 — (47) is the IOS IOU World we live In

SM Act law disallowed ‘in country’ propaganda – since 2012 it has been repealed. The USA federal government can legally commit lying to the general public in the effort of convincing us what is best for us (or them?) Since 2012, the federal government can legally lie to you. It is in the code!

Numbers – Numb Her

If so, who is “HER”? – It is an acronym for Human Energy Repeat (until Perfected). As long as you are into numbers and are into “HER” – well, you will be numb to yourself and your Mission. Instead you will yield to “HER” and suffer uncountable repeating Lifetimes until you Burn out or Fade away. It is inevitable. It is inexcusable and completely implausible to believe that all the amazement of the Human Body and condition are limited to a materialism, temporary, a few complaints/pains and a yearning to “explain everything”.

“HER” is the secret to your self imposed prison of limitations and sensual gratification. Focus on the numbers to rationalize your numbness to “HER”. In this case, “HER” is the secret to your power and your mission here on Earth. It is kept well concealed so that only the mightiest and most driven players will even realize they are in a game! For those that do, the challenges become mighty v=but the pay offs are many times mightier. In this game, a little application goes a long, long way!

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