Nicotonic Use SCARES away Ophiophagus aka King Cobra Venom Pan Demic

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Ophiophagus hannah חנה

… is the name for King Cobra Hannah – Hannah means Gratuitous Gift, whereas Ophio is a word-forming element meaning “a snake, serpent,” from Greek ophio-, combining form of ophis “serpent, a snake,” – then Phagus, a word-forming element meaning “eating, feeding on,” from Latin -phagus, from Greek -phagos “eater of,”

A Gracious Gift of a Serpent Feeding On …..

It is a Hebrew name for the Greek name Anna which is Sanskrit, Ana or God

…While 84.8% of patients were non-smokers, 2.4% were current smokers. Nicotonic acid in your brain regulates your diaphragm muscle to facilitate breathing. This is why they are not in the hospitals. …

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What it means to you, why on…

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