Calling All Sevens! Archaic to Archaix

Is “7” a big deal?

As Nature contracts and clarifies, we continue to fight it with expansion. Is all we have known, except when we consider “inner” and Heart matters. Does it feel like something has to give from all the tearing and tearing?

The Expedition 62 mission patch floats inside the seven-window cupola
The Expedition 62 mission patch floats inside the seven-window cupola by NASA Johnson is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

Fandom “7” below

Seven was the most powerful magical number,[1] based on centuries of mythology, science, and mathematics, and therefore had a very important role in the wizarding world. ArithmancerBridget Wenlock was the first to note this through a theorem which exposed the magical properties of the number seven.[2]

“Future videos will be using clinical isometrics also explain this palindromic feature of time space and the interface with our own forward and backward dna gene sequences we are intrinsically connected to the very time station time space holography that were trapped inside

If you want more just see the pinned comment there are many many avenues that you can go and my friends you gotta break free or die trying.” on to find out who said this and how it is a 50 yrd line idea…

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What it means to you, why on…

We discover more everyday as we live and breath with you and the world. Lots to talk about and feel at peace about. Motive is real and we create our environments.

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Join the rage. Do not wait.

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