7 Seven Sums – Sever Souls Syncs Sensually – 7 War

7 Brings Forever Repeating Endings Consequentially

We have 100% control of our destiny, happiness, outcomes, relationships and Eternalness – when we see and sever the seven sequence. You are reading this because you are ready.

We will prove to you that the “7 Loop of Sequentiality” is used against the population (a teaching tool) to Sever the Soul Sync of the independent Human Being. There are a multitude of proofs that the 7 loop is real and prevents people from recognizing their Eternity. This gets supported by resulting bad behavior and unresolved conflicts. The names of the supported mechanisms put in effect from above bad behavior are:

  • Mis-use of language
  • Disrespectful language and intolerance.
  • Directing time toward Mundaneness
  • Disregard of other’s struggles.
  • General disregard of other’s needs.
  • Passing obligations to others
  • Foregoing obligations.
  • Allowing open ended arguments
  • Allowing cognitive dissonance
  • Allowing violence and war
  • Allowing disease, sickness and cannibalism.

Please consider how so many things are un-naturally ending at 7 and then start over. This goes right into our human ages at 7 to 8 – 14 to 15 – 21 to 22 and so on. The result of the 7 M.O. is…

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