Sopho Moros Theosophy – The “7” Argument …occult unveiled

Your 1st Esoteric Lesson: 7 Loops Freeze-Out

We will prove we are all ‘naturally’ caught in a loop of 7. Everything ends at 7 and then starts over. If you never notice – you will suffer a lifetime and possibly endless reincarnated lives of – never ending endings, good grief!

Everything in our world, in nature and thinking, in relationships and aging, in building and computers, in music and geometry, in literature and advertising and more. We find ourselves advertently and unknowingly, succumbing to the 7 loops of never ending endings.

The reason this ‘enlightenment’ / knowledge is coming forward is, we are ready to hear it.

.. we live in a construct of never ending endings – until we notice (NOT ICE) or thaw out a little. Occultism is simply, the study of hidden knowledge and secret truths. A place to ‘thaw out’ …

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What it means to you, why on…

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Enough Sevens!

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