Pole Shift 2022 – ‘Seven’ World Ends 2040 – 23.5 degrees

“Stonehenge, a series of hyperbolic curved lintels at 23.5 degrees sloped to mimic obliquity.”

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The Magnetic Movement Moment

23.5 degrees is the Sun movement from Equator to Capricorn and Equator to Cancer. 47 degree total.

This presentation will briefly cover the Pole Shift of the North and South magnetic points. They have been steadily moving for 32 years. Less so during the previous 90 years but increases every year in magnetic points drifting. The data is clear but our governments and A list science reps are not ‘allowed’ to publish it through mainstream platforms. It is absolutely a conspiracy against the general public.

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The effects of this magnetic movement are simple to corroborate. Climate change is moving and disasters are happening. The four main jet streams that maintain our weather are all four merged at this point. This merging of the jet streams is the cause of the disasters and flooding.

Pole reversals are indicators of a cyclical earth changing cataclysm that is proven to be on a 138 year schedule. The public is not told for ‘management’ reasons/motives.

Pole reversals cause huge climate upheavals. The Sun is reacting to something beyond the influence of the Sun. Our worlds systems and ‘solar systems’ weave the same as everything does. A perpendicular solar system intersects ours every 138 years per historical data.

Unfortunately, all history is adulterated or replaced with false narratives. We will be using more than the obvious to complete the mystery. The perpendicular solar system is called Phoenix, Nemesis or even Nibiru but the latter term has had many false and unproven proclamations made.

Stonehenge is Mayan, Vedic 3100BCE

Archaix has great work on Stonehenge to help unwrap the mystery. Especially, the mystery of the every 138 year earth cataclysms.

“The gigantic pillars, dolman and lintels of Stonehenge were originally technolithic in precision. A hyperbolic curve of lintels at 23.5 degrees sloped to mimic obliquity. A sarcen ring of 360 degrees. A heel stone far outside the henge specifically replaced to block the sun in May from beaming on the Trilithon. Trilithons arranged in to a geometrical pentagram, the AR UB symbol of Sumer comprised of ten angles of 108 degrees, or the sum 1080, the pentagram being a one dimensional pattern of five points rendered into a pyramid when depicted in 3 dimensions.

A breakdown of Stonehenge is a fascinating three-dimensional model in geometry of our sun-moon-Phoenix reality, so it’s no surprise that Newton both lived, visited, studied, published and imagined chronology of Stonehenge while doing so commensurate with actual Phoenix dates 1902 CE and 1687 BCE.”

Jason at Archaix .com

1,2,3 – 1,2,3 – 1 – (Three One Three)

Seven world is discussed in previous articles. Each cataclysm brings revelation of Seven world. Any of ‘these times’ can be exploited when the window of Clarity opens.

The real name of Earth is Truth. The reason Truth cannot be hidden is – it is everywhere, this is Earth aka Heart.

What did Newton Know … more from Archaix

“In 1901 the locals deemed the Stonehenge site too dangerous for visitors after a heavy lintel stone fell. Sir Edmund Antrobus of the Society of Antiquaries had the largest stone re-elected in 1901. That this was performed the year before the 1902 Phoenix visitation all but erased from most official sources is significant.

Another member if The Royal Society, Sir Isaac Newton, is famous for his scientific mind, but his other pursuits are not well known. He found missing gaps in history, falsified chronology and famous historical events assigned to the wrong years. His Chronology of Ancient Nations is a masterpiece, a book I have read. He studied prophecy and applied mathematics to his predictions. Sir Isaac Newton was not aware of the Phoenix chronology, but he was a searcher of truth. He knew something was unique about Stonehenge that others had missed. In 1901 he concluded his study of the site and concluded that Stonehenge was dated to about 1680 BC.

In the following year of 1902 his conclusions were circulated to other scientific minds in his work, Stonehenge and Other British Stone Monuments.

1902 was the last time the Phoenix phenomenon occurred, as shown in The Archaix Prophecy and several posts and the book When the Sun Darkens. That Newton’s research on Stonehenge would have been entirely coincidence had it not been for his precision dating of Stonehenge to circa 1680 BC…for 1687 BCE was the second worst worldwide Phoenix cataclysm of world history, the Ogygian Flood and total collapse of the Heliolithic Maritime Empire from Easter Island and Peru to all of the Mediterraean and Indus Valley.

Newton was right that Stonehenge was connected to this time, 1687-1680 BCE, but not correct that it was its origin. This 1687 event toppled Stonehenge III in Massive quakes as Phoenix tore apart civilizations everywhere. It had lasted 552 years since it was toppled in 2239 BCE, which was Stonehenge II when was damaged in the Great Deluge. The original Stonehenge dates back to Newgrange Period in 3100 BCE time when Mayan, Vedic, preEgyptian calendars began, during life of Enoch before the Deluge.”


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