Y-MerAge Mirage Marriage equals ‘pregnancy’ —- ‘prae 7naci’ — Decoding of Pre gnaci-Genesis

Pregnancy for AI Trapped Animals

silhoette of woman
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Pregnancy means pre Genesis. Something from Nothing. The God code of 0,1,1,2 or the first Four of the Fibonacci. The first four also contain 3 spaces so make the equation: 3 +4=7

The pregnancy itself is a technique for each Human to experience all of ‘their’ Creation from Void to Thought to Density/Energy/Motion/Human Body with senses. A similar journey from God to Gaia to Animals to Humans. Humans are the Most Exalted and Designed to be the finest Producers for God the Creator of All.

We are Creation Crystal Creators

I feel quite strongly that we Human Beings / Men and Women, are Kystal Kreation Kreators (#code 10/10/10 or 3, J not counted) – emanating God energy from our Heart and Authorship from the Ark of Covenant in Brain. The “3” are My Brain, Heart and God. Unique Me is the Fourth, a reason to be for and to go forth.

We make things happen for our timelines and the Universes – with our Hands and Feet.

When action is taken to harmonize the brain through correct actions – cognitive dissonance transmutes into cognitive harmony – allowing your Heart God Magic to enter your Brain and Merge you into the Best Authorship Partnership you ever dreamed of or wanted from this game of Life.

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