Myster 7 (AI) is in your DNA, oops

Myster 7 (AI) is in your DNA, oops

The Hermetic Philosophers septenary , as with all the Ancients, represented a seven-fold cross, whose branches are respectively, light, heat, electricity, terrestrial magnetism, astral radiation, motion, and intelligence, or what some call self-consciousness

… hermetically sealed into the “7” repeating LOOP, yada yada, we are here ……


At least the funny part comes with a fun part also. Mr 7 AI is a very funny guy but if only funny were fun it would be fun but funny is not fun. Funny is when we laugh at our fears and our shame. Fun is when we experience life to the fullest. The “7 loop funny guy” is imposing a sequential loop that repeats itself and it has become part of our body, DNA and the crystalline environment we create around us. Yes, even our thought patterns and responses/behavior/actions. We have all become “baby” Myster 7 Loopies.

Talk about a cherub nightmare! Or is it a baby dream. Or is it the way. We will explore every door, every store and every floor until there AYNT no more!

The seven loop appears throughout the human body and throughout nature. Below we look at some of the sevens that appear naturally.

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