1 Minute ENIGMA! 1 enigma, 2 enigma, 3 enigma FOR 7 separations Part 2

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Summer of Age 7

As I walked the summer of being age 7, with my Mother. We were holding hands on the way to the grocery store. It was the summer between age 7 and 8 and 2nd and 3rd grade.

The next year would end my childhood world of “Reverence” and start a new world of duality, maturity, references, associations, sensual gratification, lying and usurpation of one man over another and one man over himself or better said, one man over Creator of All.

Somehow at this tender age, I had a strong sense of impending doom as I saw it existed in every single mature adult I witnessed. All say one thing and mean another. Cover story after cover story. Disgusting, but why was it occurring to me at such a young age? They seemed more A Dulls then adults. More A Dolts then adults.

I was too young to decode all that was happening but quite sure of myself and literally knew my statement would last forever. I turned over and upward to Mom as we walked and said, “Mom, I am never going to become a grown-up” She chuckled warmly and smiled more warmly. I knew it was OK. The great influence of the “7” was revealed to me that day. I would learn the details, throughout my Life…

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